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Your RPG experience has found another level! Battles between characters that were once limited to a simple reduction in hit points are now given interesting scenarios, chance happenings, and exciting sequences. Designed by gamers, for gamers, “Critical Hits” is sure to bring your battle scenes to life.

The standard “critical hit” garners double the damage to your adversary’s hit points, and that effect is not lost. Instead, the normal strike occurs, and a card is drawn from our deck. The card informs you of an event that occurs in the melee, hindering your opponent and adding an element of surprise and scene development. Game Masters will love it, and player characters will get a detailed account of the scene unfolding before them.

Instead of a simple double or max damage attack, wouldn’t it be a blast to knock your opponent to their knees with “Off His Feet” or scar him for life with “That’ll Leave a Mark”? The critical hit concept has been a staple in most Role Playing Games for years, but change is upon us.

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Just slide the card to draw your next critical hit.
Driven Back: Move your opponent around the battlefield.
Disarmed: What is a warrior without their weapon?
That'll Leave a Mark: Maybe at least people will take you more seriously in the next bar you visit.
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  • Add new cards to the deck and get new cards as others add their cards to create a continually growing and communal Critical Hit feature for your game.
  • Compatible with games such as “Pathfinder” and “Dungeons and Dragons”, add our app to your gaming experience, and let the “epic” begin…
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